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Your Monday Market Blip 7/16/18

It was a busy news day. Sir Donald of Orange met in Finland with Putin. Meanwhile the French, in accord with the Paris Climate agreement, burned over 800 cars this weekend to celebrate not only Bastille Day but a well-earned victory at the World Cup. The Farnsborough Airshow is underway in England and Boeing has…
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Your Weekly Market Blip 7/13/18

Its Friday the 13th and stocks closed out the week with a 92 point gain on lighter trading volume to finish at 25,021. For the week the Dow gained about 2.2% or 550 points. Both IBD and “Dan the Man” at BTS indicate positive market sentiment and even the head guru at JP Morgan noted…
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Your Thursday Market Blip 7/12/18

Tech shocks surged as the NASDAQ hit a new high and shares of Amazon and Faceplant both pushed the envelope to record levels. The Dow also rebounded as trade war issues subsided after new negotiations between China and the US were hinted at. At the close the Dow registered a 225 point gain at 24,925.…
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Your Wednesday Market Blip 7/11/18

Stocks turned lower today as trade war rumors once again took center stage. The Dow closed off 219 on heavy trade to close at 24,700. Both IBD and BTS are now positive on stocks. Here in Seattle the residential real estate markets have softened a bit in the past 6 weeks. Inventories are up as…
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