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Your Tuesday Market Blip 7/16/19

Markets appear to be taking a breather as earnings reports begin to filter in. The Dow closed the day lower on heavy volume at 27,335 down 23 points. Tech executives were on Capitol Hill testifying about peanuts and popcorn and all things unicorn. JP Morgan Chase reported better than expect numbers this morning and on…
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Your Monday Market Blip 7/15/19

The Dow moved higher with a closing gain of 26 points at 27,328 on heavier trading volume. The Q2 earnings season has begun! Citigroup kicked off earnings season posting a 9% revenue increase and a 20% jump in bottom line profits. Both top and bottom-line results beat estimates. The bank said loans increased 3% and…
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Your Weekly Market Blip 7/12/19

The markets continue to hit new highs, but trading volume is mild which indicates that this is more of a “skeptical” breakout. Kind of like a chicken pecking open an egg. We continue to see high levels of fear which is healthy but next week we will get earnings reports and this will tell us…
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Your Thursday Market Blip 7/11/19

The Dow pushed above 27,000 for the first time ever as gurus seem to feel the likelihood of a Fed rate cut in July is significant. The Feds, on the other hand, are in a holding pattern as some US economic indicators, while still growing, have seen decelerating growth rates but more importantly the Feds…
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