Your Tuesday Market Blip 12/24/19

Your Tuesday Market Blip 12/24/19

The Blip has been off the air due to our being out of the office for vacation and other volunteer events.

The markets closed a shortened Christmas trading session with 38 point loss on light trading volume to close at 28,515 which is just below an all-time high.

Boeing has axed its CEO Dennis “The Menace” Muilenburg as troubles continue to mount at the Lazy B. Aside from continued extended delays in the return of the 737 Max the company lost an $8 billion order and its latest Starliner rocket launch was not able to fully complete its mission. 62-year-old company veteran David “Cast Iron” Calhoun will take over. Apparently, Dennis resigned before the board could can him which means he gets his multimillion dollar severance package. People referred to Dennis as “Mr. Teflon” over the years but, like a frying pan that eventually loses its Teflon coating, he wore out his welcome and was replaced with that old cast iron standard workhorse which is great for frying and can also be used to bonk wayward hubbies on the noggin. It’s been a rough year for Boeing.

Tesla stock continues to hit highs thanks in part to short covering but also news about battery pack sales, financing for the China Gigafactory, deliveries of Model 3’s in China and a host of other positive news. Shares hit the $420 price that Elon Musk said was a private equity takeout price last year.

The scout tree lot was a success as we sold roughly 2,400 trees to people who love a quality fresh tree and who like to support a troop that sends lunkheads into the woods to be cold, wet, tired and hungry. Many thanks to all who worked hard for three weeks and to St Alphonsus Church for letting the scouts use part of their parking lot. One reoccurring comment from scout parents was “this sure beats sellin’ popcorn”.