Your Wednesday Market Blip 2/6/19

Your Wednesday Market Blip 2/6/19

Stocks slipped a bit as the Dow fell 27 points to 25,384. Trade volume was on the lighter side

Shares of Disney were higher after the company posted better than expected results. Revenue was flat and net income was down 3% but this was better than gurus had expected. Disney’s ABC TV division had a good quarter which contributed to the overall positive results.

During last week’s cold snap polar vortex over much of the Chicago/Minneapolis area electric cars experienced about a 30% reduction in mileage as lithium batteries do not operate at peak efficiency when its colder than a quail in the Klondike. Tesla and Nissan Leaf owners reported the drop-in range. It is noted that lithium ion battery packs do best when it’s about 70 degrees. EV battery technology continues to evolve and the challenge presented by cold weather will undoubtedly put engineers to work to solve the problem. One solution might be solid state batteries, but these are not expected to be out for a couple more years.

Planning for the snow camp is in full swing. Cooking groups are set, menus are ready, and the scouts are busy buying food and packing. After a recent planning session about the trip one young lunkhead went home and asked his Dad: “What are pyrotechnics?”. I told him it was a fancy term for the famous flaming snowballs of troop 100. With snow in the forecast it should be a fun trip.

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