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Your Monday Market Blip 11/11/19

Stock markets were open for Veteran’s Day, while the bond markets took a holiday. Trading volume was low and the Dow started the day down but eventually crawled back to gain 10 points and close at 27,691. There continues to be optimism surrounding corporate earnings, and their financial health going forward. The big corps are…
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Your Wednesday Market Blip 5/15/19

Stocks continued to rebound during all the trade related volatility. The Dow was up 115 points on higher trading volume to close at 25,648. IBD is listing markets as “markets in correction”. Increased volatility is being driven by trade issues and increasing tensions in the Middle East as the US and European countries pulling non-essential…
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Your Thursday Market Blip 8/17/17

The markets had a tough day today as all the different sectors were getting hit. The Dow was down 274 points and closed at 21750. One of the few stocks that did well today was Alibaba. They beat estimates easily and the stock was up 5% early in the day. Alibaba is up about 90%…
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