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Your Wednesday Market Blip 11/2/16

As the “coin toss” election meanders its way toward next Tuesday, the markets are grappling with rising uncertainty. The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady at today’s policy meeting but they set the stage for a rate hike in December. At the close the Dow was off 77 points to $17,959. Trading volume on the…
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Your Monday Market Blip 10/10/16

Stocks rallied today on light volume. The Dow was higher by 88 points to 18,329. Stocks continue in a trading range and IBD is signaling a rally mode even though volatility is on the rise. America’s pioneer in energy, aka Tesla/Elon Musk, announced that 24,500 vehicles were delivered in Q3 up a whopping 70% from…
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Your Monday Market Blip 9/12/16

Stocks rebounded from Friday’s selloff. The reasons for the increased volatility includes the rising prospects for a September rate hike, the North Korean nuc test and election related issues. These issues could well continue to inject volatility into markets for the foreseeable future and end the recent calm market action we saw this summer. The…
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