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Your Wednesday Market Blip 7/18/18

Stocks continued to trade mixed with a slight upward bias. Banks were higher thanks to strong earnings from Morgan Stanley. The Dow gained another 79 points to 25,199 on heavier trading volume. We continue to keep an eye on China as more articles about possible economic disruption hit the news wires. Bloomberg recently posted an…
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Your Thursday Market Blip 12/7/17

Stocks were higher in light volume trading as the Dow gained 70 points to close at 24,211. The NASDAQ also moved up on light volume and small cap stocks led the way. The tax bill is still in reconciliation and here is a preliminary look at how it might affect you. Go to the Tableau…
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Your Tuesday Market Blip 1/9/17

Stocks traded mixed today as the NASDAQ hit a new high while the Dow traded both sides of the fence before finally closing the day off 31 points to 19,855. Trading volume was higher for the Dow but lighter for the NASDAQ. Medical sector stocks were the star performers in the NASDAQ while transports and…
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