Monthly Archives: December 2018

Your Weekly Market Blip 12/28/18

Stocks closed the week on another uptick. The last three days have seen strong buy volume come into the markets during the final hour of trading which is known as “happy hour” because it is when ETFs have to square their positions against trades that have occurred during the day. At the close the Dow…
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Your Thursday Market Blip 12/27/18

Markets continue to be highly volatile. After yesterday’s record day of a 1,000+ point gain, stocks went severely negative in the morning, losing as much as 600 points at one point. Fears of a potential “dead cat bounce” were erased in the afternoon as heavy buying at the close pushed the Dow back up for…
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Your Monday Market Blip 12/24/18

Stocks continued to face selling pressure in a shortened pre-Christmas trading session. While CNBC noted that investors were “flocking to gold and cash”, IBD showed that trading volume was lower than a Prius in an underground parking garage as traders bolted for the Hamptons and a glass of eggnog to sooth the tortured soul. In…
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