Monthly Archives: August 2020

Your Wednesday Blip 8/5/20

Stocks continue to push higher as the Dow closed the day up another 373 points to close at 27,201. Materials and commodities have been doing well as investors anticipate inflation due to the mass injection of funds put into the system from Congress and the Fed, and also because of the Fed’s stance that they…
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Your Monday Blip 8/3/20

Stocks saw gains and tech continued to lead the way. Political news was mixed as Congress continues to “work” on another stimulus bill, and the Fed has said that they expect interest rates to stay low even if inflation starts to heat up a little bit. The Dow closed up 236 points and ended the…
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Your Weekly Blip 7/31/20

Stocks opened higher on earnings news but stalled stimulus talks and the prospect of extra gubment benefits falling away pushed equities lower. At the end of the day however both the Dow and the NASDAQ were higher with the Dow up 115 at 26,428. Trading volume surged into the close and finished well up. IBD…
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