Monthly Archives: August 2021

Your Weekly Blip 8/23/21

The Markets,Over the past week, markets pulled back and were down about 1.1% but today they continued to trade back toward recent highs with the Dow finishing Monday at 35,335 on lighter trading volume up 215 points. Tech stocks have been moving higher on strong volume as companies push back dates for when employees can…
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Your Weekly Blip 8/16/21

The Markets,Over the past week, markets held firm and crept higher to new all time highs. The Dow was at 34,792 when I left and today finished at 35,625 up 110 points after an early 200 point selloff. The tech heavy NASDAQ also trades near highs but today closed lower by 29 points. Gurus mention…
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Your Weekly Blip 8/2/21

The Markets,The markets continue to trade neat all-time highs as earnings reports continue to come in better than expected. For last week the Dow declined about 0.3% and finished the trading week at 34,935. Today’s action in stocks saw the Dow trade in mixed fashion before a low volume selloff of 97 points to 34,838.…
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