Monthly Archives: February 2022

Your Weekly Blip 2/18/22

The Markets,Since Presidents Day is Monday and the markets are closed I figured I would send out an early market blip.The Dow closed today down 232 points on heavy trading volume to close at 34,079. It seems some traders are clearing out positions and lightening the load heading into a three day weekend. IBD has…
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Your Weekly Blip 2/14/22

The Markets,Over the past week, stocks have gotten more volatile as inflation, interest rate increases and possible conflict in Ukraine are driving headline risk. Today the Dow finished down 171 points at 34,566 on lower trading volume. Over the past week the Dow was down about 1% or 350 points with intraday volatility on the…
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Your Weekly Blip 2/7/22

The Markets,Stocks continue Feb a roller coaster ride. Today the Dow finished up 1 point at 35,091 after being down almost triple digits and then being up almost 200 points. It’s like watching a pogo contest. Tech stocks continue to struggle while value plays like banks, energy and materials hold the line. Last week the…
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