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Your Monday Market Blip 10/2/17

I’m back! The trip to the DC, Baltimore and the Boston area was good. My favorite part was 1) visiting the Library of Congress and 2) dancing at the Wawa! Meetings at T. Rowe Price and BTS were very informative. These two firms are well run and do a great job for investors. Markets continue…
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Your Weekly Market Blip 6/9/17

Stocks experienced “sector rotation” today as money moved out of hot tech leaders like Amazon and Faceplant while rolling into healthcare, banks and energy. This set up a divergence between the indexes with the Dow higher while the NASDAQ and S&P 500 were lower. At the close the Dow gained 24 points to 21,207 on…
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Your Weekly Market Blip 12/2/16

The Dow closed off 20 to 19,171 on light volume while the NASDAQ rose slightly. For the week the Dow was up 0.12%. IBD said the recent rally is now under pressure and to proceed with caution. The November jobs report came out today showing a drop in the unemployment rate to 4.6% and that…
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